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SYNERGY SCAFFOLD  a professional enterprise specialized in producing aluminum

scaffolding. In Year 2013s, The  Company Starts in Aluminum Scaffolding and Formwork

Manufacturing and  Exporting.
Our wide range of products involves Design and Production of Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding,

Folding Scaffold Tower, Ringlock Scaffolding, Fiberglass Scaffold Tower, Aluminum ladder and Formwork System for Industrial usage.
SYNERGY SCAFFOLD fallows consumer demands and scaffold sector closely in order to provide a wide range of access equipment.

As a result of our effort to produce qualified products in the light of innovations, SYNERGY SCAFFOLD obtained TUV&SGS Certification which leads us to reach world-class in the aluminum scaffold industry. 

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Our main products involve Design and Production of Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding TowerAluminium Ringlock Scaffold System, GRP Fiberglass ScaffoldingAluminium Ladder and Aluminium Formwork System.

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DT400-D Aluminium Scaffold

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DT250-QF Folding Scaffold

DT400-FRP GRP Scaffolding

DT500-FRP Fiberglass Scaffold

Aluminum Extension Ladder

S150 Aluminium Beams

All Aluminum Deck

W320 Aluminium Walkboard

W780 Aluminium Lattice Beam

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Aluminum mobile scaffolding to solve the problem of the operation, it can be built according to the specific height of the operation, generally for 2 meters a layer.
Aluminum scaffolding has a number of advantages over some other types of scaffolding. Most of the advantages relate to the ease of the use and the portability. When moving between different job sites, it is necessary to find a material that is light weight and portable. Further, aluminum scaffolding also offers easy set up in many cases, especially compared to wood. It is also less inclined to crack, which may give it better durability when compared to wood and fiberglass.
Frame scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffolding seen on construction sites worldwide. Typically manufactured from round tubing, the frame scaffolding is available in several different configurations, from a section that contains both a ladder and a walk-through portal to sections that are totally walk-through and sections that resemble a ladder. The typical method of constructing frame scaffolding is to use two sections of the scaffold frame connected by two crossed sections of support poles arranged in a square configuration. Workers typically assemble the scaffolding by climbing the sections as they carry the next frame and pole components with them. They then assemble the new section atop of the previous section that was built.
The main features: 1. The overall structure adopts "building block" to form the design scheme, which is easy and convenient to install and disassemble; 2. Set up the specification, without borrowing any special tools, the road can be dismantled, easy and convenient; 3. Diversified assembly, which can be integrated into any operation site and customized according to customer needs;


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