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Features of fiberglass mobile scaffolding tower

Features of fiberglass mobile scaffolding tower

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Features of fiberglass mobile scaffolding tower
The main features
1. The overall structure adopts "building block" to form the design scheme, which is easy and convenient to install and disassemble;
2. Set up the specification, without borrowing any special tools, the road can be dismantled, easy and convenient;
3. Diversified assembly, which can be integrated into any operation site and customized according to customer needs;
4. The material shall be light and high-strength glass fiber tube, which is free of maintenance for 10 years;
5. The product conforms to GB17620-1998 "general technical standard for insulation layer hard ladder for live work" and is inspected according to international authority, and the customer gives good feedback after use.
Notes and frequently asked questions during setup
1. Before application, fully inspect the constructed insulation quick-loading scaffold to ensure that it complies with the installation instructions and that there are no damaged parts.
2. When the universal casters of the insulating scaffold are installed, corrected and fixed, then the scaffold can be climbed.
3. Do not move or adjust the insulating scaffold when there are people or objects on the pedal platform.
4. Steps can be climbed from the inner frame of the insulated scaffold to the pedal platform or from the hanging ladder.
5. If widening equipment is installed at the bottom, be sure to use a tripod to stabilize the scaffold.
6. When the height to width ratio of the pedal platform exceeds 1.20m, guardrail must be used at the top.
7. Install tensile reinforcement on the insulated scaffold according to the operating instructions to improve its fastness.
8. When setting up, the brake of casters should be locked and the leveling should be adjusted well.
9. Make sure the buckle at the joint is firm.
10. The platform for hanging stairs and pedals should be set up with the framework.
11. When the platform height of the single-width insulating scaffold exceeds 4m, and when the platform height of the double-width insulating scaffold exceeds 6m, a triangular support frame shall be installed.
12. The connection frame of the tripod must be tightened so as not to loosen. The lower support rod should not be suspended in the air and should be firm to the road surface.
13. Use one horizontal tie rod for every two diagonal ones.
14. The connecting nut must be tightly twisted, and the dead frame and lifting rod must be firmly fastened.
15. When the height and width of the platform are l5m, the lifting rod must be used.
16. The brake of casters should be released when moving, and the underside of the support rod should be off the ground.
17. It is prohibited to use tools with a strong impact force on the pedal platform.
18. An Insulated scaffold shall not be used in high winds and shall not be overloaded.
19. An Insulated scaffold shall only be used on the hard pavement (smooth cement floor), etc., and shall not be used on soft pavement.
20. In actual operation, construction personnel shall wear safety helmets and pay attention to pedestrians below when constructing, dismantling and applying insulating scaffolds.
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