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Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Features

Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Features

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Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Features
1. All aluminum mobile scaffolding are made of high-quality aluminum profiles, 75% lighter than the traditional galvanized pipe scaffold structure
2. High compressive strength of parts welding: full welding processing technology is selected, and the destructive tensile force of scaffold connection exceeds 4100-4400kg, far higher than the standard tensile force of 2100Kg.
3. Simple and convenient installation; Universal casters with high bearing capacity for flexible movement.
4. High efficiency of construction: the overall construction is composed of "building blocks", which does not require any installation tools.
5. Quality assurance: meet the technical testing standards of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, and the quality standards of manufactured products meet the international standards of SGS, TUV, AS/NZS, etc.
6. Safety assurance: product liability insurance.
Aluminum mobile scaffolding to solve the problem of the operation, it can be built according to the specific height of the operation, generally for 2 meters a layer.
Single width aluminum scaffold can be built in a narrow area, convenient and flexible. He was able to consider climbing in small Spaces such as corners and interior staircases.
The standard European aluminum scaffold is divided into two specifications and models:
Double width scaffold: 1.45m (width)x 2.5m (length), working height and width from 2.2m to 14.2m; Weight: 950 kg
Single width scaffold: 0.85m (width)x 1.8m (length), working height and width from 2.2m to 14.2m; Weight: 950 kg
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