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Aluminium scaffolding

Mobile scaffold Tower is a type of supported scaffold set on wheels or casters. They are designed to be easily moved and are commonly used for things like painting and plastering, where workers must frequently change position.

Folding Scaffold Tower

Folding Scaffold Tower is designed for low level access for all working trades, with a 1.8m platform height complete with guardrails and toe boards, and an overall width of 700mm it makes the Aluminium Folding Scaffold Tower ideal for manoeuvring through corridors, and its fold-away design makes it very easy to transport.

Ringlcok Scaffolding

System Scaffold is a modular aluminium scaffolding system that is rated for both light duty and medium duty applications. It provides a safe, stable and convenient working platform, complying with Australian / New Zealand safety regulations.

Fiberglass Scaffolding

Fibreglass Mobile Scaffold Towers for specific areas of the industry in where aluminium scaffold towers are obtained as unfit for use. Fibreglass is a non - conductive, non corrosive and spark resistant and is a preferred requirement in the rail and electrical industries.

Aluminium Ladder 

Made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles; light weight; easy to carry; advanced extrusion and riveting technology, good safety; and equipped with strong anti-skid legs.

Aluminium Beams

The aluminum formwork system complete the task in a less time with full efficiency. It provides the perfection in building layout and environment friendly, fast, efficient and safe. It is easy to handle and cheaper than other traditional construction. It works with excellent quality of concrete formwork. It works with full finishing, eliminates the need for plaster and results in cost savings. 

Aluminium Lattice Beams

SYNERGY manufactures lattice beams for a variety of applications, including bridging, strengthening, roofing and cantilevered working platforms.

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Aluminium Formwork 

Slab Formwork essentially consists of a horizontal load-bearing structure which supports the formlining and transfers the forces into the shoring.

Aluminium Planks

Aluminum planks can span the bay by hooking to the horizontal members of the bay providing a safe work platform. The aluminum scaffold deck is lighter than steel and wood scaffold plank.